Project Overview

The LEAP Project is a depression treatment program that is now being tested. It consists of eight modules that participants complete over eight weeks. Here is a description of the life challenges that are explored:

Module 1: Breaking Through: Uncovering the REAL You

We often get caught up in comparing ourselves to others and trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations. You may be familiar with these thoughts. “Everything I do is wrong. No one really likes me. What’s the point in trying – I am a loser, I’ll never get it together.” Module 1 offers new ways to deal with negative thoughts and provides you with tools to help you see yourself as you are: a unique person with incredible abilities.

Module 2: Enjoying Again: Reconnecting with Life

Most people know what it is like to feel lonely and isolated but depression can make these feelings a lot more intense. In fact, depression may make you feel so miserable, that many of your friends don’t know what to say or how to respond to you and may even stop hanging out with you. This often makes the loneliness and disconnection worse. It can be a vicious cycle. Module 2 is about exploring some ways to ease feelings of being alone and isolated.

Module 3: Coming Alive: Discovering Your Purpose

You’ve heard this question before: “What do you want to do with your life?” Adults LOVE to ask this question. How do you respond if all you feel inside is boredom and emptiness and a longing for something exciting and mysterious to happen in your life? Module 3 is about moving away from that emptiness and boredom by showing you ways to connect with what you’re passionate about.

Module 4: Shifting Gears: Finding the Positive Spin

Have you ever heard about “Ruminating Thinking Patterns”? It’s when you keep going over the same negative stuff over and over. You are STUCK. And getting unstuck is the hardest thing to do because once you get stuck in that negative mind set, it becomes like a downward spiral. That’s what this Module is about: stopping that downward spiral and GETTING UNSTUCK.

Module 5: Reaching Out: Making A Difference

We are often bombarded with the many things that are wrong in the world: crime, pollution, poverty, war, natural disasters, and the list goes on. We can all feel helpless or powerless at times but depression can amplify these emotions and make you feel even more overwhelmed. Learning how to handle these feelings is exactly what Module 5 is about.

Module 6: Moving On: Responding to Setbacks

You cannot control what happens in your life, nobody can. Even with the best planning, life occasionally throws you a curve ball and you just have to do your best to deal with it. Maybe something tough happened in your life recently and it played a role in your depression. You didn’t ask for it, and it was not your fault, but you still had to deal with the mess. Module 6 is about learning ways to deal with those tough times.

Module 7: Breaking Free: Dealing with Past Hurts

Have you been hurt by someone and feel their actions are unforgivable? Maybe your dad left, or your girlfriend cheated on you. Maybe you were bullied at school or betrayed by a close friend. Or maybe you hurt someone and have felt bad about it for a long time. Holding on to hurt, bitterness and guilt is a very heavy load, a load that can contribute to depression. Module 7 will give you ideas and tools to help you to let go of this heavy load.

Module 8: Celebrating Possibilities: Moving Forward

Module 8 is the last Module of the LEAP Project. Once you reach this Module you have been on a two month journey of discovery. This final Module is about celebrating: celebrating having made it through this program but most of all, celebrating the progress you are making on the road out of depression. Module 8 will guide you through planning your own personal events to celebrate and enjoy the life ahead of you.