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The LEAP Project is an eight week online program that builds resilience by teaching healthy coping strategies.

If you want to enjoy life again but aren't sure how, the LEAP Project might be just what you need. The LEAP Project is packed with new ideas, cool videos, true stories, and simple tools to help you feel better. You'll learn how to cope, to release past hurts, and to uncover meaning and purpose in your life. Everything on the site was created with input from young people who have experienced life's struggles.

If you have an open mind and the courage to try something new – The LEAP Project might just be what you need to create a life of fulfillment.

Update – November 2014

Successfully completed: LEAP Project pilot-testing. This program, now called BreathingRoom™, is available online at Mount Royal University, Calgary and for individual purchase as a mobile app.

Check it out:

Android app on Google Play

2014 True Imagination Award!

CINIM has received this prestigious award for their innovative work that includes this revolutionary e-mental health program.

www.albertahealthservices.ca www.cinim.org www.mtroyal.ca www.research4children.com www.ucalgary.ca www.sickkidsfoundation.com